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Company  Introduction

  1. A Security Specialist
  2. Growing Together with Customers
  • A Security Specialist
  • Growing Together with Customers

Encryption authentication is not only the foundation of security but also the first step in initiating security.
KSIGN, with its leading market share in the domestic sphere and proven expertise
in cryptography-based data security and authentication,
is at the forefront of ensuring security in the new era of digital transformation.

Data Security

  1. A Company Providing
  2. Top-Notch Security Solutions
  • A Company Providing
  • Top-Notch Security Solutions

We offer storage/transmission data encryption and key management solutions
for preventing the exposure of personal information.

PKI  Authentication

  1. A Security Specialist Company
  2. Dedicated to Creating a Safer World
  • A Security Specialist Company
  • Dedicated to Creating a Safer World

In support of establishing a trust framework
for all entities, including users, applications, servers, and devices,
we provide comprehensive solutions based on the foundational PKI system,
adhering to all international standards and technologies.

Unified  Authentication

  1. The Intelligence
  2. of Integrated Security
  • The Intelligence
  • of Integrated Security

Supporting an AI-Based Zero Trust Model
Next-Generation Unified Authentication and Access Account Management Solution

Mobile  Authentication

  1. A Security Specialist Company
  2. Focused on Customer Convenience
  • A Security Specialist Company
  • Focused on Customer Convenience

A Security Specialist Company Focused on Customer Convenience
Powerful 2-Factor Authentication Products Utilizing Mobile OTP
and FIDO-Based Biometric Authentication Technology

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is a leading information security company that specializes in the development of user authentication systems
utilizing PKI-based public certificates, DB security solutions, and the establishment of IT security infrastructure.
Our primary business areas include DB encryption, PKI authentication SSO/EAM, unified account management, and mobile security solutions.

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